15 Unusual things to do in Dubai in 2024

Are you curious about more unusual things to do in Dubai, beyond the top tourist attractions?

I asked Neha from Dubai Wikia to help me uncover quirky or extraordinary things to do in Dubai, as she has extensive experience in this city.

Dubai is one of those places where you can escape the ordinary. Whether you want to see snow in the desert, dine in the clouds, or stroll above the city skyline, it’s all possible in this city of dreams! So, if you’re looking for more than Dubai’s most popular sights, check out this list of memorable activities to make for an exciting Arabian getaway.

15 Unusual Things to Do in Dubai

1. Experience the Ultimate Football Thrill 

Did you know Dubai now hosts the world’s only football-themed park? Head to Real Madrid World inside the region’s first and only integrated theme park destination, Dubai Parks and Resorts. Thrilling rides and attractions that encompass its four zones allow you to learn about the history, remarkable achievements, and dynamic future of one of the world’s most celebrated football clubs, Real Madrid. 

2. Stroll Above the City Skyline

Make your way up to Address Sky View for sky-high sightseeing with an adventurous twist! Enjoy a hands-free walk along the building’s outside perimeter, which allows you to see the cityscape up close and without any hindrance. But that’s not all — be sure to also check out the Middle East’s first-of-its-kind transparent glass slide during your visit here. 

Unusual things to do in Dubai: Skydive over Palm Jumeirah

3. Freefall Over the Splendor of Palm Jumeirah 

The palm-tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah is an iconic symbol of Dubai’s opulence. See this colossal man-made island in its entire grandeur during a skydive session. You’ll get an indescribable thrill as you jump out of an aircraft from a height of over 12,000 feet and freefall for about a minute before the parachute opens and you safely descend. 

4. Ski in the Desert 

Treat yourself to an icy outing at Ski Dubai inside the Mall of the Emirates! This indoor snow-themed park is where your imagination can run wild as you ski down the slopes (ideal for all skill levels), hit thrilling rides, and encounter friendly penguins. 

5. Dine in the Sky 

Dubai boasts some of the most exceptional dining spots, from the world’s tallest restaurant to water-themed dining venues. But if you’re looking for the ultimate culinary adventure, sign up for a Dinner in the Sky or Flying Cup session in Dubai. You’ll have the rare chance to dine in a surreal aerial venue with unhindered views of the city skyline in the background. 

Unusual things to do in Dubai: AquaFun!

6. Visit the World’s Largest Inflatable Park 

There is no shortage of water parks and theme parks in Dubai, but AquaFun Dubai is something special! It is the world’s largest inflatable park, with exhilarating rides, slides, swings, and more. This water escape provides endless fun and entertainment for you and your loved ones in a picturesque setting along JBR Beach.

7. Learn to Fly 

Whether you’re considering an aviation career or simply want to nurture your passion for flying, you can start with a paramotor training course in Dubai, approved by the General Civil Aviation Authority. It is suitable for all individuals over the age of 18. If you want to experience the fun and thrill of this aerial sport, there are exclusive paramotor tours that let you see Dubai’s desert like never before. 

8. Drive a Supercar 

Racing enthusiasts are spoiled for choice as they enter the Dubai Autodrome within the Motor City, an integrated motorsports facility. Drive your dream car, from the latest models of Ferrari and BMW to Mini John Cooper Works. 

Unusual things to do in Dubai: Museum of the Future

9. Enter the Museum of the Future 

Museums are mostly considered places to step back in time. Contrary to this, Dubai hosts the Museum of the Future where you can step into a groundbreaking future. Housed within an avant-garde, steely structure that resembles a ring, you’ll find next-generation displays in a sci-fi-movie-like setting, sure to leave you in awe at every turn. 

10. Zipline Over Dubai Marina 

An urban zipline adventure can’t get any better than XLine Dubai, which is the largest of its kind. Here you’ll zip across a one-kilometer course above Dubai Marina at a heart-racing speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. The bonus is the most astonishing city views that await you on this unique adventure. 

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11. Watch La Perle by Dragone Show 

Dubai has a packed events calendar year-round, but La Perle by Dragone, a permanent, Cirque-du-Soleil-style show, is probably the best among them all. This one-of-a-kind aquatic extravaganza produced by theater maestro, Franco Dragone, blends a brilliant storyline with compelling acrobatic performances, making it a must-do experience during your Dubai holiday. 

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12. Prepare for a Record-Breaking Dive Session 

Dubai is home to Deep Dive Pool, a hard-to-miss attraction for diving enthusiasts. Rightfully so, as it is the world’s deepest pool, where you can dive into new depths of up to 60 meters during any part of the year with its indoor setting being maintained at a steady temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. 

13. See Old and New Dubai At Once 

The city’s observation decks are a world unto themselves, each serving a purpose. And Dubai Frame, boasting the title of the world’s largest picture frame, is no exception. It is the city’s only spot where you can admire Dubai’s timeless and dynamic new sights from a single standpoint at its Sky Deck. 

Unusual things to do in Dubai: Global Village

14. Discover the World in a Day 

Global Village is a must-visit attraction during any winter trip to Dubai (October to March). True to its name, it represents diverse world cultures and attractions in over 35 pavilions, depicting close to 80 countries. You can expect to savor exotic cuisines and shop for authentic Turkish carpets, Japanese tea, and classic Indian jewelry, to name a few.  

15. Unwind in the Chillout Lounge! 

Dubai may sizzle year-round, but its coolest spot makes up for it! When the heat becomes unbearable, simply tip-toe to Chillout Ice Lounge. Admire creative art pieces completed on massive blocks of ice as you savor delicious food and drinks and bask in a subzero setting of -6 degree Celsius. 


With the most exotic attractions and experiences at every turn, Dubai offers plenty of options for those craving to step beyond the everyday realm. So, which of these unique things to do in Dubai would you add to your itinerary? Whichever activity or experience you choose, it promises a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, allowing you to take home the most treasured memories of your Dubai holiday.

Neha Singh is a postgraduate in Mass Communications who loves everything about life. She’s an avid trekker and explorer who often takes off time from her busy life for mountaineering. She loves meeting new people and gets attached to their culture very easily. Her ambition is to explore as many places as she can in her life. She strongly believes in the Gandhian principle, “simple living, high thinking.”

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